About popular turtle species and their attractions

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Hello and welcome to the world of turtles! Turtles are loved by many for their unique appearance and long-lived nature. Today we will take a closer look at some of the most popular turtle species and what makes them so fascinating. Whether you plan to own a turtle in the future or are simply curious, you will find this information useful.

Red-Eared Slider

  • Features and Attractiveness: The red-eared slider is an aquatic turtle that, as its name suggests, is characterized by red spots on both sides of its head. Active and curious, they grow relatively large and require proper care.
  • KEY POINTS: Provide a large tank and land area, clean water and proper temperature control. Their diet is omnivorous, providing a good balance of vegetables and protein.

Mississippi Map Turtle

  • Features and Attractions: This species of turtle has a beautiful map-like pattern on its carapace. It is a popular aquatic turtle that is relatively small and easy to keep.
  • KEY POINTS: A clean water environment and proper filtering are important. They are omnivorous and should be provided with a varied diet.

Star Tortoise

  • Characteristics and Attractiveness: As its name suggests, the hosiery tortoise has a star-shaped pattern on its carapace. They are very beautiful terrestrial turtles and are highly sought after by breeders.
  • KEY POINTS FOR KEEPING: Requires a warm, dry environment and plenty of space. They are herbivores and do well on a diet that combines a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Box Turtle

  • Characteristics and Attractiveness: The tortoise is a terrestrial tortoise with the ability to close its shell like a box. They are especially popular in the U.S. and have a friendly disposition.
  • KEY POINTS FOR KEEPING TURTLES: A humid environment is suitable for the tortoise. They are omnivorous and can be offered a wide variety of foods.

Greek Tortoise

  • Characteristics and Attractiveness: The Greek tortoise is a small terrestrial tortoise with a beautiful yellow and black pattern. They have a long life span and are very popular with breeders.
  • KEY POINTS FOR KEEPING: Requires a warm environment and ample sunlight. They are highly herbivorous, and a diet consisting mainly of green leafy vegetables is suitable for them.

Softshell Turtle

  • Characteristics and Attractiveness: Spoons are distinctive aquatic turtles with soft shells. Its unique appearance and personality have made it popular among turtle enthusiasts.
  • KEY POINTS FOR KEEPING: Requires clean water and a large swimming area. They tend to be carnivorous, and a diet based on fish and meat is suitable for them.

Painted Turtle

  • Characteristics and Attractiveness: The red-bellied turtle is an aquatic turtle with a brightly colored underside of its carapace. They are popular because they are active and relatively easy to keep.
  • KEY POINTS FOR KEEPING: Ensure a clean water environment and adequate space. Their diet should be omnivorous and balanced.


Keeping turtles can be a very fulfilling experience if you provide the proper environment and care for each species. Each turtle species has unique needs, and it is important to understand those needs and provide appropriate care. As long-lived pets, your time with your turtles will be invaluable to both you and your turtles if you provide the right environment and loving care.